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Autoimmune Paleo Dinner Rolls

I am so pleased to be able to share this recipe with you today for autoimmune paleo dinner rolls. I also discuss the concepts of nutrition vs nourishment and where these rolls fit into your health journey. I truly hope you can enjoy eating these this holiday season and that they make your life seem a little bit more normal :-)

Autoimmune Paleo Apple Crisp

Nothing says Fall like a warm, gooey bowl of apple crisp! Now you can enjoy this delicious treat even if you are autoimmune paleo in this nut-free, seed-free paleo version! Of course, it's also grain-free and dairy-free :)

Paleo-friendly Hot Buttered Rum or Coffee

Looking for the perfect paleo-friendly cocktail for your holiday gatherings? This recipe for hot buttered rum will please everyone at the party. Plus, there's an option for a non-alcoholic hot buttered coffee, so nobody is left out. Enjoy!

How to Make Puerto Rican Pasteles (paleo, AIP option)

I am excited to introduce you to a wonderful naturally paleo dish from Puerto Rico called "pasteles". Pasteles are similar to tamales, but the dough is made from gluten-free and grain-free tropical fruit, root, and vegetable starches. Pasteles are a traditional holiday food in Puerto Rico, with many families making them while everyone is together. Having extra hands does make the process go a lot faster! I hope you enjoy the recipe, and don't forget to watch the videos I made to accompany it -- they are critical for your success in making these!

The Ultimate Paleo Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are fast approaching! Have you done all of your shopping yet? No? Me neither! To make things easy for you, I've compiled an epic list of awesome goodies that any paleoite will be tickled to get as a gift this year. There are kitchen gadgets, pantry items, snacks and treats, plus some awesome miscellaneous curiosities. Oh, and you can't forget books! C'mon, let's go shopping!

How I Healed Leaky Gut Syndrome with Functional Medicine and Chinese Medicine

Read my 6 and 9 month updates about my leaky gut journey and learn how I reversed 100% of my leaky gut symptoms by taking a whole-lifestyle approach, which included utilizing both functional medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine.