AIP Freezer Meal Recipes


Get 3 AIP Freezer meals you can prep in 15 minutes

20 Dishes is a unique meal planning and batch cooking website that teaches you how to prep a week's worth of meals in an hour (WOW!)

I recently did a webinar and Orleatha demonstrated how to prep 3 meals + sides for the AIP diet in just 15 minutes. 

If you missed it live, you can still watch the replay video, just plug in your info at this link and you will get the video in your email inbox:

After you watch Orleatha do the prep work you can do it yourself in your own kitchen, just click the button below to download the PDF featuring 3 main dishes + 3 side dishes for the AIP diet (also great if you are just Paleo or gluten-free). 

You can also get an AIP freezer meal eBook when you sign up for a free trial of 20 Dishes. Once you see how easy it makes meal prep you are going to be hooked! 

Sign up for your free trial and free eBook here: