Switch to safer skincare and clean beauty products - get my custom recommendations based on your skin type

Would you like customized non-toxic skincare, makeup, and/or haircare recommendations from me? I know that the process of switching out your products to safer options can be daunting, so I am happy to help make that process easier!

Beautycounter is by far my top choice for highly effective safe products. No other brand takes human health and safety concerns to the nth degree the way Beautycounter does, with triple screening every batch of color cosmetics for heavy metals, screening packaging to ensure no harmful compounds and leaching from it into the products, and banning over 1500 known or suspected harmful ingredients from their products.

For reference, the European Union has a list of about 1400 ingredients that they ban or restrict the use of in cosmetics and personal care products; the United states only has a list of 30. Beautycounter took Europe’s list and expanded it to make it more comprehensive.

I’ve wasted a lot of money over the years trying “natural” brands that do not perform like conventional products and that left me feeling unkempt and not well groomed. The wonderful thing about Beautycounter is that they do not release a product until it is perfected to perform as well or BETTER than high-end conventional (toxic) options.

Plus Beautycounter offers a 60 day return period, so you can try the products for more than a month to make sure you absolutely love them and if you don’t you can return them using the pre-paid shipping label that comes in your box.