About The Curious Coconut

Hi! I'm Amanda Torres, and I am so glad you are here! I started this website to share my story, with the hope that I could inspire others out there who are suffering the way I was to take control of their health. Western Medicine is not the only option -- you don't have to resort to medications with scary side effects or surgery to be healthy or lose weight. I am living proof, and I am not alonePlease read my Journey Back to Health post for details about my dramatic weight loss (80 lbs in 1 year) and reversal of a slew of chronic illnesses, which I achieved by following an ancestral Primal/Paleolithic diet and by firing all of my Western allopathic medical doctors, who did more harm to me than good in the 2 years leading up to my discovery of the ancestral way of eating.

I am a scientist by training, having earned both a Bachelor's and a Master's degree in neuroscience from Tulane University. I've been working in laboratories conducting biomedical research since 2007, have published papers, and understand how to dissect scientific journal articles and examine evidence with a critical mind. I am not dogmatic and have formed my views based on evidence, including publications in the scientific literature and also my own n=1 personal experimentation. It is very important to me to provide the best evidence available to my readers to back up everything that I write here on The Curious Coconut™. I even have an entire page with a collection of relevant journal articles on a wide variety of topics related to diet, natural health, and alternative medicine.

I am passionate about learning, about being in touch with my body and mind, sharing information, and helping people. I was drawn to science as a teenager because I have such a curious mind and always want to know why and how things work. I am passionate about good food and I love to cook, and you will find my favorite recipes here for you to enjoy. 

I love animals, especially cats, and and my wonderful husband Andy and I are lucky to currently share our lives with 3, plus a sweet chihuahua. All my critters are eating an ancestral (raw meats, bones, and organs) diet, too, and they are all thriving. We currently live in The Birthplace of Rock 'n Roll, aka Memphis TN! I work in research and my lab is studying using adult bone-marrow-derived stem cells as a post-stroke therapy to help heal the brain and recover functionality. Cool stuff!

We'll keep the bacon, thanks.