New favorite volumizing haircare - Innersense!

Fluffy, volume-packed hair by Innersense, clear glowing skin by Beautycounter and gua sha

Fluffy, volume-packed hair by Innersense, clear glowing skin by Beautycounter and gua sha

My old favorite haircare was discontinued earlier this year and I have been on the hunt for a replacement that fits all my requirements:

  1. Non-toxic and uses safer ingredients (no parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrance, formaldehyde-releasing preservatives, etc.)

  2. Gives my long hair volume and lift - there’s more than 2.5 feet of it so this is a tall order given the weight

  3. Allows me to wash my hair only 2-3x per week - another tall order since my scalp tends to get oily quickly if I am not using a clarifying enough shampoo

  4. Don’t require a ton of product to do their job - I tried some shampoos that required me to basically fill up my whole palm to get my scalp and roots clean, which is not financially sustainable!

Well, I finally found my new favorite haircare products from Innersense Organic Beauty.

innersense shampoo and conditioner

 I have been loving the Pure Harmony Hairbath as my shampoo. It smells like orange candy and I don’t have to use very much to get my hair clean.

I put a dime size amount in my palm, lather it in my hands, and rub into my scalp. I do this three times - once to get the front and top of my head, then to get the sides and nape of my neck, then to work the shampoo into the length of my hair. If you have short hair, you won’t need to use this much.

When switching to non-detergent based shampoo, it is so important to scrub your scalp for 3-5 minutes. Use it as an excuse to give yourself a luxurious scalp massage. It feels amazing and makes your hair look amazing, too! After I get the shampoo all over my scalp, I look forward to giving my scalp a good scrub and massaging any tender points. There are a ton of acupuncture points all over the head, and if any are tender I will give myself a little point massage while I am cleansing.

My hair is very well hydrated and doesn’t need much conditioner, so I have found my perfect match with the Sweet Spirit Leave-In Conditioner.

I need about 10 pumps to get enough on the length of my hair, but I expect this bottle to last me a looooong time since it is so concentrated. The teeniest amount comes out with each pump, and it is a light cream, not a spray. I pump directly into my hand then massage with my fingers.

On days I feel I need a bit more hydration, I mix the leave-in conditioner with 1 pump of the Harmonic Healing Oil, then distribute that through the length of my hair. Lovely!

innersense volumizing root serum

This stuff is where the real magic happens - I Create Volume is such an appropriate name for this root serum. A dime sized amount is all I need to work into my roots at the front and top of my head to give me the most amazing wave.

What’s amazing is that this doesn’t feel like I have “product” in my hair, and doesn’t make me need to wash my hair any sooner than normal. I absolutely LOVE this stuff!!

Paired with my favorite volumizing boar bristle hairbrush? Just watch me brush my hair out for the first time! I was blown away by the results.

If you don’t already know about my love of this unique boar bristle detangling brush for shine, volume, and to help extend the time between washes, it is made by the brand Wet and it is AMAZING. I got mine from a big box store but they sell on Amazon too!

You can find all of the haircare products I’ve gushed about at the Innersense Organic Beauty website. If you are unsure of which products to get, I am happy to help you! Just send me an email.