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How I Stopped the Barking Dogs Next Door From Ruining My Sleep

How I Stopped the Barking Dogs Next Door From Ruining My Sleep // TheCuriousCoconut.com

Review: Indows Acoustic Window Inserts for Quieter, Sounder Sleep

Earlier this year I discovered Indows window inserts and received 2 of their acoustic panels (which reduce noise from outdoors by a whopping 70%) in exchange for my honest review. Installing Indows acoustic panels in my bedroom was one of the absolute BEST things I have ever done to improve the quality of my sleep environment, since the barking dogs next door were RUINING my sleep!

Here are some quick facts about Indows inserts:

  • Indows are custom-fitted inserts for your windows that act as a storm window
  • They pop in and out from indoors with ease and are held in place with food-grade silicone compression tubing that creates a tight seal
  • The acoustic panels reduces sound from outdoors by a whopping 70+%! Now I can sleep through my obnoxious neighbor dogs barking
  • They are less expensive and a lot less hassle than replacing windows 
  • They also have blackout panels to eliminate all light from the windows
  • There are also privacy panels, museum panels, and shade panels. See them all here

I live next door to two large dogs who are not trained by their owner (he is never home) and they bark all. the. time. because they are afraid of everything that moves. And the mailman. And thunder. And the kids down the street. They are outdoors sometimes until midnight, when their owner gets home. And their night barking was becoming a REAL problem for me, since the bedroom faces their yard and their fenced-in area extends right under the window that's at the head of our bed. 

Ever since installing the Indows acoustic inserts I am no longer disturbed by their barking. In fact, I can't even hear them at all when they are on the other side of the yard. I do hear them when they are right under the window, but it is muffled and not jarring the way it used to be. 

Here's a video (admittedly, a goofy dramatization) showing how much the inserts can dampen sound. It's not 100% blockage but it is significant. And hopefully you don't have someone setting up drumming outside your window, anyway!

Indows also makes a blackout panel, which would be great if you are a shift worker or live in a very brightly lit neighborhood. It's very important to shield yourself from lights while you are sleeping. I already had a great pair of blackout curtains, and since the noise was such a problem I opted for the acoustic panels. 

Not only do all of their panels offer some noise reduction but they also improve the energy efficiency of your house since they eliminate drafts. They are cheaper than replacing windows, too, so if you have drafty windows but can't afford replacements, consider these inserts. 

Measuring and Installing Indows Inserts

Indows inserts are custom cut for your windows using extremely precise measurements. You will receive a kit in the mail to perform the measurements. Just make sure you read the instructions carefully and you'll be fine.  

Dexter is OBSESSED with lasers so we eventually had to lock him out of the room to get the measurements taken LOL!

Dexter is OBSESSED with lasers so we eventually had to lock him out of the room to get the measurements taken LOL!

Also, if you have cats, they will have a blast when you get your measuring kit in the mail since it involves using lasers ;-) Just look at Dexter!

After you input your measurements online, they will begin manufacturing your inserts. The whole process can take 4-6 weeks from initial order to receipt of inserts, but that's because there's no way to have pre-made inserts since every window is different and the seal needs to be exact (I'm talking down to the fractions of a millimeter) for the inserts to perform. 

Here are the 2 inserts in our bedroom windows. 

Here are the 2 inserts in our bedroom windows. 

Installing them is a breeze. It can be helpful to have a second person, but it's not necessary. You just have to be careful not to bend the acrylic pane. 

Note the ring in the bottom left - that's so you can easily pop them out as needed. 

Note the ring in the bottom left - that's so you can easily pop them out as needed. 

As you can see, we installed them over the blinds that were previously installed in the windows. We installed a curtain rod on the outside of the window frame (not shown) to hold our blackout curtains to block out light. Depending on the depth of your window frames you may need to remove blinds before installing Indows inserts. 

Sleeping Better with Indows Acoustic Inserts

My husband and I have both noticed our sleep quality has significantly improved since using these panels. We both take our health seriously and are very protective of our sleep. We even discussed possibly needing to move because the noise from the dogs was so disruptive. But not any more! 

Indows inserts are certainly an investment, but chronic poor sleep is extremely costly. It causes lost productivity at work and increased incidences of diseases like cardiovascular disease, heart attacks, stroke, depression, and more. 

If you are looking for other tips to increase your sleep quality check out this blog post 5 Tips For Improving Sleep Naturally (it's got my favorite bedtime meditation in there too!)

I also encourage you to check out the eBook Well Rested, which will walk you step by step over how to sleep better every single night, teach you how to implement a healthy bedtime routine, and more. If you want to start sleeping better TONIGHT then Well Rested can teach you how. 

Pros and Cons of Indows Acoustic Inserts


  • extremely effective at reducing noise
  • high quality craftsmanship
  • non-toxic materials
  • eliminates drafts from windows
  • improves energy-efficiency of your home (reduces heating/cooling costs)
  • attractive and blend in to your windows - barely noticeable
  • more affordable than window replacement


  • wait time between order and receipt of inserts (some people are impatient and want instant gratification!)
  • price: represents an investment and may not be affordable (even though it is WORTH the investment for sure)
  • can be a hassle in windows that you want to be able to easily open and close 
  • difficult to store if you need to remove them from windows (such as during Spring/Fall months when you wish to keep windows open regularly)

Overall I think if you are in a similar boat as me with factors external to your home that you have ZERO control over that are causing your bedroom to be noisy and disruptive to sleep, these inserts are a lifesaver. In my own case white noise wasn't cutting it and I can't tolerate wearing earplugs. 

Full Disclosure about my rocky beginning with Indows

I whole-heartedly endorse the acoustic panels if you need to reduce noise in your bedroom. But in the interest of ethics and full disclosure I do need to tell you that I had a rocky beginning with my inserts! However, the company has fully addressed the issues that I was having. They worked with their manufacturer and am I totally confident in recommending Indows now.

My experience with the odor is not even a concern today, but I want to share it anyway, because it also highlights what an awesome responsive company they are!

With my inserts, the silicone tubing (which is food-grade, even though it doesn't have to be, which is great!) had been tightly wrapped in plastic by the manufacturer, and thus was not allowed to off-gas after the peroxide curing process. So, when they assembled my inserts and then shipped them to me the silicone still needed to off-gas, and I was unable to use my inserts for nearly 8 weeks due to the odor. (Please note that I am EXTREMELY sensitive to chemicals and fragrances. It didn't bother my husband nearly as badly as it did me.) 

But now, thanks to my feedback, the manufacturer does NOT wrap the silicone so that it can undergo this off-gassing process right away. You can also ask Indows to hold your inserts in their warehouse for a few weeks to ensure that is no weird odor once they arrive. However, my contacts at the company have assured me they believe they have remedied the issue by changing the way the manufacturer handles the silicone tubing. 

Again, my experience and feedback to them was invaluable in them making changes in their manufacturing process to address this issue and I am now 100% confident in recommending them as a trusted affiliate partner to you!

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