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Is it time for you to reset and thrive?

If youre anything like me, summer is all about relaxation with flexible schedules, vacations with delicious indulgences, and a lighter list of to-dos and to-donts. I'm not a parent, but I am an aunt and now live very close to my nieces, so the autumn school schedule affects me, too! All too soon come the early morning alarms (5 AM, UGH!), lunches to pack, more homework than I ever had to do in school, seemingly endless after school activities, and so very much more that seems to snowball so quickly!

The arrival of fall can feel like a fall into chaos!

This year it doesnt have to! Perhaps its time to do a reset so you can thrive going into this new school year?

reset and thrive

 Introducing the Reset & Thrive Library:

Comprised of over 40 electronic resources specifically selected to help

individuals and families get organized, create balance and improve their health for fall and a new academic season!


 But thats not all.

Not only do the Reset & Thrive e-resources offer VALUE

because the ENTIRETY of its contents have


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No need to sort through the thousands of recipes from the cookbooks included: weve given you two weeks of a get-started meal plan so that you can start without much planning or thought on your own - giving you precious time back to focus on reading the resources and thriving from the onset of this autumnal new year!

 The organizers of this Library, the Paleo Parents, have learned from over 5 years of healthy living, what tools people need for success. This bundle is sized just right to not overwhelm. It is broken into separate categories so that you can determine how to prioritize where you want to start.

 For the Kitchen: The Cookbooks (a $201 value)


Fearless Sauerkraut Recipes, Sarah Ramsden

Make it Merry: A Healthy Cookbook, Carla & Emma Papas

7 Steps to Better Grain-Free Baking, Kelly Smith

And Here We Are At the Table, Ariana Mullins

Health Happiness Paleo, Leslie Auman & Chelsea Gold

Paleo Desserts for Dummies, Adriana Harlan

The Healthy Breakfast E-Cookbook, Davida

Real Food Recipes, Kelly Brozyna

Paleo in a Pinch, Sarah Al-Khayyal

Modern Paleo Holiday Cuisine, Alanna Figueira

Family Feast eBook, Cassandra Garcia

Salads without grain, Hayley Ryczek

Paleo to Go, Stacy Toth & Matthew McCarry

For Planning: The Tools & Tips for Balance (a $486 value)

planning and strategizing

Holistic Jump Start, Caitlin Weeks

The Gratitude Workbook, Nicole Pittman

Bite Size Paleo, Kelly Bejelly

Full Plate: Nourishing Your Family’s Whole Health in a Busy World, Sarah Kolman

The No Brainer Wardrobe, Hayley Morgan

Clean & Colorful Cooking and September Jumpstart Grid, Ashely Reeves

Simplify, Abby Lawson

Self Care for Self Love, Summer Innanen

Once a Month Meals, Kelly Seaton

The Wild Diet Shopping Guide, Abel James

The Ancestral Blueprint’s Guide to Sleep Troubleshooting for All Ages, Dr. Natcha Maithai

Fall Watercolor Planning Printables, Caroline Potter

Go to Bed, Sarah Ballantyne

For Strategizing: The Health Game-Changers (a $220 value)

Unprocessed Living, Cindy Santa Ana

Paleo Made Easy, Sylvie McCracken

The Empowered Mother, Cara Comini

The Kitchen Workout, Natalie Wright

Weight Loss Unlocked, Stefani Ruper

The Dietary Cure for Acne, Dr. Loren Cordain

Beauty’s Dirty Secret, Trina Felber

Mind & Body Balancing: A Guide to Counteract Inflammation Through Food & Lifestyle, Kari Owens

Kick Pain in the Kitchen, Barbara Searles

For the Kiddos (a $100 value)

Little Paleo Big Wins, Jennifer Robins

Baby’s First Foods, Rochelle Serna

Teacher’s Notebook Packet, Carisa Hinson

Kids’ Bundle, Emily Chapelle

MOMables, Laura Fuentes

Want to learn more about any of the titles listed above? Click here to find links that will take you directly to their page for more info!

Amanda's Favorites:

For the last year or so I have really been putting a lot of focus on everything NOT related to food. Early in my Paleo journey, I found myself actually orthorexic (obsessed with "righteous" eating to the point of suffering severe anxiety related to food choices). This needless stress related to food intake severely held me back on my healing journey and I have since worked hard to find more balance in my life and lifestyle. 

This bundle contains some excellent resources for a well-rounded healthy lifestyle that I would like to highlight here: 

The Gratitude Workbook is an interactive, 30 day PDF to help you get in the habit of practicing gratitude. For the last 3 years since beginning Qigong practice, I've worked hard to make sure I feel gratitude every single day, as often during the day as I can. This practice has drastically helped my mindset and mental health. Just taking a second to really feel it in your bones how much you appreciate that delicious meal you just ate, or that look your cat or dog gives you that just melts your heart, or how beautiful that sunset is can do WONDERS for your daily thought patterns, mood, and anxiety levels. 

A daily gratitude journal could be a significant missing piece in your healing puzzle - and this guided workbook is the perfect way to get startd with a daily practice!

Simplify is a collection of printables to help you get your life organized and reduce stress. I don't know about you, but when I don't feel organized my stress levels are through the roof. And for whatever reason I just do NOT do well trying to keep my life organized using digital means like online calendars, to do lists, etc. Every time I try a new service, I always come back to old school pen and paper. For the last 10 years my Moleskine Weekly Planner has been the only consistent way I've kept organized, but I often find that it is not enough! That's why I love Simplify, since it is a hard-copy way to make sure you've got it together when it comes to you kids, pets, passwords, meal planning, keeping the house clean, budgeting, and more. It also helps you stay on track for both your short and long term goals and provides an awesome method for translating big yearly goals into small actionable chunks to incorporate into your monthly, weekly, and daily planning. I can't wait to get started using these printables!

 Ok, I have to admit, when I first saw the title "The No Brainer Wardrobe" in the bundle, I was like "is this a mistake??" I was so curious about it it was actually the first eBook I opened to review, and immediately I realized just how valuable and relevant this book is TO ME as well as any other woman who has anxiety related to clothing or issues with body image. I've never had a healthy relationship with my closet and ALWAYS struggled with body image (even when I lost 80 lbs in a year). I can't tell you how many times I've tried on clothes to get ready for the day or a night out and ended up crying because of how I felt about myself when I looked in the mirror. This eBook is not just about having an organized closet, it's about repairing the relationship with yourself (and yourself in the clothes you choose to have in your closet). It teaches you how to craft your wardrobe (without breaking the bank, I might add) so that you love every piece of clothing you own so that you feel happy, not depressed, when it's time to get dressed. Seriously, the biggest lesson I have learned in this past year is that it doesn't matter how amazing and nutrient dense your diet is if you still have another area of your life causing you stress. And holy cow, did I not even realize how much my clothes were causing me stress (and stress always helps sabotage efforts to be healthy) until I read through this eBook yesterday. HIGHLY recommend this one!

Ok, I'm interested. Tell me more!

These generous authors have agreed to sell their products at a 98.5% discount in order to give you the very best resources in one perfect digital package.

 Get organized. Get well. Be the change you wish to see.

 The absolute best healthy living and organization experts and authors have teamed up to share their eBooks, workshops, tutorials, meal plans, calendars, and worksheets. All items feature NEW CONTENT, NEVER OFFERED IN ANOTHER BUNDLE. Some resources are DEBUTING in the Reset & Thrive Library and cannot be found anywhere else!

 The Reset & Thrive Library includes over 40 healthy living, planning and organization electronic resources which can be viewed on any e-reading device!

All 40 resources come in PDF form and are available for instant download. Access all materials on your computer, phone, and e-reader of your choice.

PLUS the BONUS DISCOUNTS PAGE WITH 28 EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT CODES and THE BONUS 2 WEEK MEAL PLAN, created from the cookbooks found in the Rest & Thrive Library!!

 Fully enjoy the arrival of fall by creating health, wellness, and balance with ease for you and every member of your family! When you purchase the Reset & Thrive Library for only $39 (valued at $1007) you will be able to instantly download all the resources, plus the BONUSES, enabling you to start strategizing for the new season ahead!!

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