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Latin American Paleo Cooking (Paleo, AIP, Whole30 friendly cookbook)

My first print cookbook, Latin American Paleo Cooking, releases on August 22nd 2017! The recipes inside are authentic, traditional dishes made Paleo, with over 90% of the recipes being AIP or adaptable, and many also suitable for Whole30. 

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Why I Wrote Latin American Paleo Cooking

My name is Amanda Torres, but I was born a Crawford. I was lucky enough to marry into a Puerto Rican family when I was in my mid-20s. Being from a small town in Georgia, I did not have very much exposure to other culture's cuisines. I still remember the first time my husband bought plantains for us to cook.....I was so bewildered by this weird banana-that-you-have-to-cook. But all it took was one bite into a tostone and I was in love.

Mmmmmm, tostones! 

Mmmmmm, tostones! 

The next dish he taught me was the oh so beloved and delicious pastelillos, Puerto Rican fried empanadas. This was way back before we ever heard the word "Paleo" and we used the frozen "discos" of refined white flour dough that you roll out and fill with meat then deep fry. HEAVENLY. (Recreating pastelillos as Paleo and AIP was one of my favorites!)

Pockets of stuffed fried dough HEAVEN!

Pockets of stuffed fried dough HEAVEN!

My mother-in-law, Milagros, also took me under her wing to teach me all of her family recipes and traditional cooking methods. You will find tons of these recipes in Latin American Paleo Cooking!

In 2012 we moved to Miami Beach and I fully embraced being able to dine at restaurants run by people from pretty much every country in Latin America. I lived in a neighborhood known as Little Argentina and so churrasco with delicious chimichurri became a regular part of my diet. 

Hands down the most delicious cut of steak and best ever steak sauce. 

Hands down the most delicious cut of steak and best ever steak sauce. 

I immersed myself in learning all these new cuisines - I have a real talent for being able to eat a dish, research the dish, then recreate it in my own kitchen to taste just as authentic as what I was served. I read cookbooks, I talked to my friends and colleagues about their family traditions, and I incorporated Colombian, Venezuelan, Peruvian, Brazilian, Argentinean, and Cuban dishes into our regular diet. It was a marvelous time! 

I knew when I launched my blog in 2012 that I wanted to write a cookbook about Latin American food. But it took 4 years for that dream to become a reality. I am so grateful (and you should be too!) for my good friend Jennifer from Predominantly Paleo - without her introduction to her publisher this book may not have happened. Gracias, mi amiga! And thanks for the amazing foreword in the book <3

Also I am SO grateful for my amazing photographer, Toni Zernik, who cooked and photographed all of these recipes from the other side of the country! Check out her amazing work on her site

Here are answers to some of the top questions I have received about Latin American Paleo Cooking:

Want to take a peek inside? Just look at these mouthwatering photos! 

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