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Okay...a few weeks ago I hinted that I had a big announcement to make about the blog. Well, here goes! 

The Curious Coconut is now part of the Nourished Living Network!

If you haven't heard of the NLN before, I'll fill you in. They are arguably the most awesome Real Food & Natural Living blogging network out there! From their Facebook description:

Nourishing Living Network (NLN) is a network of whole life, whole food and traditional food bloggers and webmistresses. Our content includes a wide range of topics focused on traditional food and preparation techniques, local eating, farmers markets, natural living, holistic health and healing, homesteading, parenting, homebirth, breastfeeding, natural child care, and much more.

  There are lots of great contributing bloggers in the network who share similar stories to my own, involving using a traditional and nutrient-dense diet to regain health, including through a paleo/primal, Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS), Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD), gluten-free/grain-free, or Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF) style plan. The common theme among all of these lifestyles is to eat with the intention of nourishing and healing your body and to 1. discover and 2. avoid the things that may not agree with you (such as gluten, casein, improperly prepared grains, nightshades, etc.). 

The thing that is really awesome about the NLN is that it allows you to maintain complete control over the content of your blog. Other networks hijack your blog and can dictate your content and force you to do promotions, obnoxious advertising, and some even take control of the income earned from your affiliate programs. The spirit behind NLN is one of collaboration and true networking -- not advertising and income-generation. If I share anything from the Network or from other bloggers in NLN, it's because I think it is good information and won't ever be done solely out of obligation or just because I am a member of the NLN. It also means I won't stop sharing content from sites outside of the NLN (some networks only want you to promote from sites within your own network!)

I have followed a number of bloggers in their network over the years, and since joining I have enjoyed getting to know some of the blogs I hadn't yet discovered. Be sure to check out the entire list of contributors (my info will be there soon!) and I think you'll find a couple that you'll enjoy reading, too!

If you have your own blog and are interested in joining, I can give you more information, or you can go here and fill out the form. 

I also highly recommend following the NLN on Pinterest. There are currently 40 boards with TONS of amazing recipes. 

One last way to keep in touch with the NLN is through the blogroll on Facebook. Just click the link and then the "Follow" button on the top right. 

Do you already follow some of the other NLN blogs? If so, which ones? 


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