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Paleo Black Friday Deals for 2015

If there is one thing I love it is saving money. I always shop sales and this time of year I love the thrill of finding Lightning Deals on Amazon and seeing products from my favorite bloggers go on deep discount so I can finally get them. I also love not needing to fight the crowds in stores and doing my shopping online. 

Here are my favorite Black Friday deals for 2015 on things to enrich your Paleo lifestyle.

Make sure to keep reading to the bottom for all the FREE and 99 cent eBooks on Amazon, too!!

The Allergy-Free Holiday Table

My wildly popular eBook full of Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) baked goods will be half off for a VERY limited window. This is a throwback to how Black Friday USED to be - sales would last less than a day beginning at a reasonable hour on Friday morning. You have from 6AM CST until 3PM CST to get your hands on all the breads, cakes, cookies, pies, and more to fuel your special holiday gatherings (and birthdays in 2016!) Enjoy decorating Christmas cookies and wow-ing your guests with decadent cakes this holiday season!

Code: HALFOFF2015, discounted 50% 6AM CST - 3PM CST 11/27 ONLY

Yoga For Healing

Take a few minutes to read my extensive review about this online video-based yoga course here. I'll give you the short version: I've practiced yoga on and off for over 15 years. Recently, I've faced some real challenges with my health and found myself unable to use my former go to resources (this book and this book) because I didn't have the strength or stamina for even the easiest routines. I heard about Tera's online course, specifically designed for folks like me working to heal chronic health problems, and fell in love after the first video.

I have spent close to $37 just for ONE in-person class before, so this package is a complete steal at that price. If you need to add mindfulness and/or movement to your health routine, this course is perfect for you and won't make you feel left behind, ashamed, embarrassed, and will instead lift you up, make you stronger, and help you accept and love where you are today. 

No code required, discounted 60% from 11/27 through 11/30

The Gelatin Secret

This is one of my all-time favorite eBooks EVER WRITTEN! Check out my full review here. It has got everything you need to know about WHY you should and HOW you can easily include gelatin in your diet daily (I did this when I was healing leaky gut). PLUS an incredible array of both savory and sweet dishes that utilize gelatin making incorporation into your diet an absolute breeze. It's one of the most beautifully photographed and designed eBooks, too - this one is also EXCELLENT as a gift for a loved one, especially anyone just getting into healthier eating. 

Code: BLACKFRIDAY, discounted 50% 11/26 through 12/1

20Dishes Meal Planning

Have you ever wished you could prep a week's worth of Paleo or AIP meals in an hour? Does it sound too good to be true? I promise, it's not. 20Dishes is meal planning meets ultra efficient batch cooking - this site is perfect for BUSY people who want to feed their families healthy, delicious food but don't want to spend hours and hours every week slaving away in the kitchen.

You'll learn the method to become a true KITCHEN NINJA plus get recipes that suit your dietary restrictions to plan out your menu each week.

I am going to be using this method starting after Thanksgiving and you'll see me sharing just how amazing it is each week - but don't wait for that, get in on their AMAZING sale which gives you a 6-month membership for just $99, or less than $0.55 per day. I guarantee you are already spending a bare minimum of $20 worth of your time every single day in the kitchen right now, unless you're already an expert batch cooker!

No code necessary, click the link on the sales page, discounted 11/27 through 11/30

Autoimmune Wellness Bundle Re-Run

In case you missed it earlier this year, the Autoimmune Wellness Bundle is being re-run just for Black Friday weekend. There are a couple of new resources added and lots of great discount coupons too. Check it out! 

No code required - get $500+ work of eBooks for $39 11/27 through 11/30

Free and 99 Cent eBooks on Amazon

Keep an eye on my Facebook page throughout the weekend for links to LIGHTNING DEALS on Amazon - since those only last a short time I won't be updating this page with them. Check back here over the weekend too for new deals on awesome Paleo goods that I find throughout the weekend! Happy shopping :-)

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