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Vanilla Blackberry Muddle Mocktail (Paleo, AIP)

It is HOT outside right now and there is nothing I want more than to sip on refreshing beverages and lounge around, moving as little as possible. 

In Florida I used to be all about Casal Garcia vinho verde (the only kind of white wine I would ever drink), but I've learned that alcohol and me just don't get along so great right now. 

I've been dry now for about the last 9 or 10 months while I focus on rebuilding my health. 2015 was truly the year from hell and I had major setbacks in my health. But, thankfully, I've been working with an incredible Chinese medicine doctor and am seeing major improvements (more on that in another post soon). 

A big part of my healing since moving to Memphis has been self-care. Soul nourishment.

Saying "no" to other people and "yes" to myself and my needs.

I am that type of person who has tended to put the needs of others first, even if it means I'm making myself sicker in the process (runs in my family, actually!) But I have finally learned how to break out of that cycle if I see myself falling into that old bad habit. 

It is no secret that one of my favorite ways to nourish my soul is with delicious food and drink. That is why I have such a passion for creating jaw-dropping AIP recipes (especially breads and baked goods - the tried and true comfort foods). 

This vanilla blackberry muddle is a perfect example of a soul-nourishing drink. It will make you feel like a grown up enjoying an amazing craft cocktail, treating yourself to something special to make life a little more happy.

You won't even miss the booze here.

What I love about craft drinks is that they are so easy to whip up, but you can take just a little extra care to use a pretty glass, a nice cocktail napkin, a fancy straw, and arrange the garnishes just so. I love to make it feel like I spent $15 at a fancy restaurant when I make handcrafted mocktails!

This is a recipe you won't be embarrassed to share with good company, either. Sometimes entertaining others while following the Paleo or AIP can seem like a problem since you have a "weird" diet. But the recipes you find on my site are designed to be compromise-free so you can be proud to share them with others. 

Introducing: MUDDLED - Paleo & AIP Mocktails to Nourish Your Body and Soul

This recipe is an excerpt from my brand new eBook MUDDLED. Inside are over 30 incredible mocktails suitable for the AIP -- plus your purchase enrolls you in the Drink of the Month Club, so for the next year (through June 2017) you will receive a new recipe each month right in your inbox. 

You can snag this exciting new eBook for a special launch price of just $2.99 right now. Hurry before the price goes up to normal ($14.99)! 

Vanilla Blackberry Muddle (AIP, Paleo)

Amanda @ The Curious Coconut

Published 06/24/2016

Keep your cool this summer with this healthy, refreshing mocktail featuring blackberries and vanilla.



  1. In a highball or collins glass add vanilla, blackberries, and coconut sugar. Muddle the blackberries.
  2. Fill glass with sparkling mineral water and add optional collagen.
  3. Add splash of lime juice on top and garnish with a sprig of fresh mint. If you're feeling extra fancy, skewer some blackberries on a tiny plastic sword for a garnish, too.
  4. Snag a copy of the eBook MUDDLED for the special launch price of just $2.99 and get 30 more amazing AIP mocktails like this!
Prep Time: 00 hrs. 5 mins.

Cook time: 00 hrs. 00 mins.

Total time: 5 mins.

Recommended Tools and Ingredients

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