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Star Crush Soda (Paleo, AIP, non-alcoholic)

Alcohol-free doesn't have to mean boring with this fun, easy, delicious Star Crush Soda. Perfect for Paleo, AIP, or vegan diets. // TheCuriousCoconut.com

Alcohol and I have a rocky history. I got myself into some trouble in college in New Orleans because the alcohol flowed so freely. And, truth be told, in the past I've let myself fall into the trap of using alcohol to cope with times of high stress. There are several periods when I definitely consumed in excess, and my health suffered as a result.

Ever since getting my leaky gut diagnosis in 2014 I have cut WAY back on alcohol. I think the last time I had any alcohol was around September 2015, and it didn't even feel good to drink it. My body has been in rough shape thanks to an extraordinarily stressful year in 2015 and alcohol just isn't in the picture for me right now. Things have REALLY gotten a lot better in the last few weeks, and I have a renewed sense of optimism thanks to switching Chinese medicine doctors. 

One day I'll enjoy craft cocktails and fine wines again, but in the meantime, I am happy to enjoy fun non-alcoholic beverages. Interestingly, over this past year I have become quite interested in green teas and shop for new and interesting varieties on Upton Tea Imports each month. 

But what about cold drinks? San Pellegrino + lime is an awesome combo, but sometimes I want to drink something more exciting than that. I am a whiz in the kitchen and can create some seriously amazing food no matter what dietary restrictions you throw at me, but drinks are hard for me.

Lucky for me my husband Andy happens to be great with drinks. When we did the AIP/RepairVite together, he was drawn to make us delicious, low sugar, non-alcoholic beverages that were both enjoyable to craft and fun to drink. For him, the ritual of lovingly and carefully preparing a beverage was nearly as important as the drink itself. While I was spending time cooking our food from scratch, he was taking the time to do the same with our drinks.

Andy shared his experience with our good friend Jon, who also went through an alcohol-free period, and he was inspired to get creative with his own mocktails too. 

Andy and Jon created such a diverse library of delicious beverages that it just made sense to package them together for easy reference in eBook format. This Star Crush Soda is one of the recipes you'll find inside MUDDLED: Paleo and AIP Mocktails to Nourish Your Body and Soul. Purchasing the eBook also enrolls you in their Drink of the Month club, so that each month you'll get to enjoy a new refreshing, unique, and delicious beverage recipe! (through June 2017)

All of the recipes are made with real food, Paleo, and AIP ingredients (there are about 2 recipes that have substitutions given to make them AIP). These recipes are all perfect if you are entertaining, too. 

I hope you enjoy this drink as much as I do and that you get your own copy of Nourishing Concoctions today! 

Now through July 4th you can snag your copy for the launch price of $2.99. Hurry before it goes up to normal ($14.99!)

Star Crush Soda (AIP, Paleo, non-alcoholic)

Amanda Torres, Andy Torres, and Jon Hawes from MUDDLED

Published 03/12/2016

This simple beverage is a refreshing alternative to overly sweet commercial sodas and perfect to treat yourself to on a sunny day!


  • ½ fresh squeezed lemon or lime
  • ½ star fruit, chopped, plus an extra slice for garnish
  • chilled sparkling mineral water to fill the glass
  • optional: 1-2 tsp of grass-fed beef collagen or marine collagen (marine recommended due to lack of flavor and ease of dissolving)


  1. Muddle the chopped star fruit with the lemon or lime juice, add enough of the sparkling mineral water to fill the glass and stir. Garnish with a wedge of star fruit.
  2. Note: Star fruit is not very sweet and actually has a nice sourness to it. This beverage has no added sweetener so it is very mild, light, and fun. The star garnish makes you feel special :-)
Prep Time: 00 hrs. 2 mins.

Total time: 2 mins.

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