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Review: Revitalize Your Health Online Course

Today I am excited to review an awesome online course put together by Lydia Shatney of Divine Health From the Inside Out called Revitalize Your Health. You have probably already heard of her popular course Heal Your Gut. Now, she is offering a whole body, multi-faceted  and holistic approach to general health with the Revitalize Your Health course.

Lydia has become one of my online blogging friends, and I really trust and value her opinions. She is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, or NTP for short, through the Nutritional Therapy Association. She has an excellent blog and, in addition to her courses, she offers health coaching services

If you prefer to listen instead of read, I conducted an interview with her about this course that you can listen to right here. If you are interested in this course, you should definitely listen! 

Lydia gave me access to all the course material for review purposes, and I just LOVE this course! I wish I had been able to take this course back in 2010, when I was obese and VERY sick. I was able to find my own path back to health, but it was very hard doing it they way that I did, and I don't necessarily recommend it. I pieced together information from dozens of sources from all over the place, and sometimes, honestly, I felt quite lost. It would've been much easier if I had followed a course like Revitalize Your Health: one clear-cut program, laid out in a logical way, and written by a qualified professional.

That's the best part about Revitalize Your Health; you are guided through multiple areas of diet and lifestyle in a carefully thought out and prioritized order. You start with the most important topic of getting your blood sugar under control (and get an entire eBook for free with over 80 recipes to help you), and move on to other topics like liver health, sleep, exercise, how to lose weight safely, adrenal support, and more. There are 12 full modules, each with several sub-lessons. It is an incredibly comprehensive resource!

Time is money, right? I feel like I wasted so much time in my own journey by taking bits and pieces from dozens of sources all over the place. Ultimately, I believe that if I had followed a program like Revitalize Your Health, I would have saved myself a lot of time (and therefore money) as well as a lot frustration. 

This course can benefit just about anyone. Young, old, male, female, mother, father -- doesn't matter! The information in this course will not only benefit someone who is just starting their health journey, but also anyone who has already begun and needs to fine tune specific areas of their diet or lifestyle. In fact, I've learned some new things myself and have benefited from course material. 

In the interview, Lydia let me know that she arranged the course material to mirror how she was taught these topics in school. The course is meant to be completed in order, and if you choose the monthly payment plan, you have no choice but to do that, because each month a new core module is opened up to you.

Revitalize Your Health will arm you with all the information and background you need to understand both how and why you may need to make certain changes in your diet and lifestyle for optimal health. Each lesson gives you a list of action items you can tackle to work toward your goals, so that as soon as you finish reading, you can get started right away with positive changes. 

I think that the RYH course is a great complement to whatever type of medical care you are currently receiving. Doctors simply don't have the time to discuss how to accomplish dietary and lifestyle changes in the 5 or 10 minutes they spend with you, and they typically refer you to someone like a nutritionist or, if they are more progressive, an NTP just like Lydia for more information. By taking the RYH course, you will learn so much about how your body works and how your daily choices can affect your health, and this knowledge will put you in an excellent position to be able to speak to your health care practitioner in an educated way about your specific case. 

These days, you have to be your own health care advocate. Revitalize Your Health will empower you with knowledge so that you can become the best advocate for your own health that you can be. 

The price of this course is a bargain. Seriously. I've spent $100 for 20 minutes of a holistic practitioner's time. It will take you weeks to read and listen to all of the information in this course, and it will allow you to get more out of the time that you do spend with your health care provider. If you can't swing the full payment up front, there's a monthly payment option. 

Another thing I love about this course is the community and support that you get when you sign up. You can comment on all of the lessons and Lydia will respond to your questions. This isn't like buying a book, where the information is dumped in your lap but you are left alone and without guidance after you've read it. Additionally, there is a private Facebook group for all members to use. Lydia monitors it every day and also answers questions there. That is HUGE!

Let's summarize all of the awesome things this course has to offer:

  • Content is laid out in a clear, prioritized order.
  • Provides information for a comprehensive, whole body "reboot". Topics cover how the body functions normally and how diet and lifestyle can negatively or positively affect health and well being. 
  • Each lesson ends with a list of action items to get started with right away. 
  • Multimedia format: downloadable audio (listen when convenient), printable charts, worksheets, exercises, and in-depth main modules with multiple shorter lessons under each one. It's a huge wealth of information!
  • Free eBook included with over 80 gluten-free recipes to get you started. 
  • Community support via private Facebook group and course comments. Lydia responds to all questions posted in the course or FB group.
  • Will teach you both how and why certain dietary and lifestyle changes may benefit you.
  • Less than the cost of two visits to a holistic practitioner. 
  • Will empower you to become a better advocate for your health.
  • Evidence-based material, similar to what is taught in a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner program.

Free lesson: Sleep

Lydia has opened up one of the lessons for FREE so that you can have a preview of what's in store with the rest of the course. Click HERE to see this lesson (it's a good one!)

Learn more about this course and register today by clicking HERE or on the banner below. 

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